TapCraft Services

  • Safety First
    • “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.”
    • We offer various safety equipment for purchase and installation.
    • CO2 Monitor
    • Keg Handling equipment
    • Keg Lifter
  • Consultation
    • We will work with designers, architects, contractors on layout of beverage equipment and infrastructure.
    • Analysis of existing systems to identify any waste.
    • Develop best practices for use of dispensing systems.
  • Design
    • Custom design and local fabrication.
  • Purchase Equipment
    • Acquisition of equipment through an extensive network of vendors.
    • Local inventory of common items.
  • Installation
    • Certified installation of beverage equipment in coordination with general contractor.
  • Maintenance
    • Line cleaning and proactive component maintenance.
    • Remove and replace components based on industry standards.
  • Reactive Service
    • Technicians available for emergency repair services.
  • Upgrades
    • Add on equipment to existing systems.
  • Training
    • Develop training programs for compliance with industry guidelines.

3 thoughts on “TapCraft Services

  1. Michael Peacock and his team have helped design and install draft systems for my clients as well as maintain them. He has a great attitude, attention to detail and pride in his work make him a pleasure to work with.

    Jared Gustafson
    Kombucha On Tap, LLC


  2. Peacock is a pleasure to work with and is a valued partner of our organization. We couldn’t have pulled off our last project without his expertise, work ethic, and attention to detail.

    Scott Rollins


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