What is TapCraft?

  • These systems include dispensing the following products: Draught beer, wine, cider, mead, sake, coffee, tea, kombucha, cold pressed juices, craft soda, milk, sauces, cocktails, bag-in-box and even water. 

  • Why TapCraft?
  • With the Foodservice industry changing at a fast pace, there is a need for experienced consultation in all of the various areas of the industry. The team at TapCraft has worked specifically in the beverage world for over 60 years.

The TapCraft Story

  • Michael Peacock created TapCraft out of a class project in The Business of Craft Beer Professional Certificate program at San Diego State University. Specifically, Brewery Start Up II. Peacock has been a student of the program since the beginning. He has earned both level 1 and level 2 certificates. He is also an instructor in the program. He teaches Draught Systems 1 and Draught Systems 2.

Draught Systems by TapCraft

"It's not 'rocket science', but it kind of is!" "Physics Wins!" "We are all in this thing together."  "You don't need to be an expert in draught systems, you just need to know the phone # of the person that is." These are some quotes from Draught Systems classes that Peacock teaches. There have been more than 300 students that have taken this class.

TapCraft Pillars -

    • Education - With the current climate of growth in the Foodservice industry in the San Diego market along with 137 local breweries and counting, there is a large demand for  personnel to fill jobs at these locations. Employers are looking for qualified and competent employees. We have found that there is a lot of inaccurate and outdated information regarding dispensed beverages out in the trade. Technology is also progressing to assist retailers with increasing their efficiencies. TapCraft brings the latest and best information to the field.
    • Quality - In most foodservice operations, beverages provide the first and last impression on a guest experience from the viewpoint of consumption. No one chooses to go to the location that has a poor quality beverage. Even the water is being scrutinized these days. Quality beverages matter! TapCraft follows the guidelines set by The Brewers Association when it comes to quality standards. In addition, our past training and experience working with companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Micro Matic and NuCO2, we understand the link between using quality components, having properly trained technicians and delivering the ultimate guest experience for our clients.
    • Profits - "An educated staff that serves quality beverages will give a retailer the best opportunity to achieve the profits they hope for." This is the business of draught beverages. The profit margins that can be achieved can make the difference between a financially successful operation or not. TapCraft can help make sure every drop of profit is captured.


  • "It's not 'rocket science', but it kind of is! Physics Wins!"